Congressional Candidate Claims Aliens Took Her on a Spaceship

Just when you thought you’d heard it all, now there’s this politician who swears blind she’s been aboard a spaceship crewed by extraterrestrials.

And she’s running for Congress — no kidding.

From the Miami Herald:

Florida has a U.S. senator who once flew aboard the Space Shuttle.

A congressional candidate from Miami can go one better: Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera says she’s been aboard a spaceship too. But this one was crewed by aliens. As in extraterrestrials.

Three blond, big-bodied beings — two females, one male — visited her when she was 7 years old and have communicated telepathically with her several times in her life, she says. (Sen. Bill Nelson served as payload officer aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia in 1986. All seven people aboard were from Earth. As far as is known.)

Rodriguez Aguilera, 59, a Republican who is running to replace retiring Miami Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, recounted her experience with the ETs during a 2009 television interview.

“She described ‘going up’ inside the spaceship,” adding that unlike airplanes, the spaceship was controlled by “some quartz rocks.”

Yeah, right.

But then again, if something like that happened to you, and you told about it, would anyone believe you?

How One Woman’s Drug Addiction Cost Her Everything

From the New York Post:

Two days before last Christmas, Beth Stephens was full of plans and promise. The brilliant, 39-year-old scientist who had studied in Paris, completed a Ph.D. in microbiology and had worked as a researcher for the federal government seemed to be getting her life back together.

The slim, fun-loving brunette who enjoyed outdoor concerts, afternoon chats over strong coffee with friends and showing off her soccer moves to her 9-year-old nephew, Lincoln, was determined to move out of a dark place.

“I’m out of the shelter now. Plan to put in a few online job apps and follow up w another,” wrote Stephens in a series of texts to a friend, studded with exclamation points, happy faces, and chatter about plans for Christmas Eve.

Hours after she sent that text, she lay dying in the lobby of a garbage-strewn Bronx housing complex. Police answering a 911 call rushed her to nearby Lincoln Hospital, where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

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Cop Who Roughed up and Arrested Utah Nurse Has Been Fired

From the

A Utah police officer who was captured on body-cam footage arresting a nurse who refused to draw blood from an unconscious patient was fired on Tuesday.

Detective Jeff Payne was axed after an internal investigation found he violated department policies when he arrested nurse Alex Wubbels and dragged her screaming from the hospital, a police spokesman [said].

In a disciplinary letter, Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown said he was ‘deeply troubled’ by Payne’s conduct, which he described as ‘inappropriate, unreasonable, unwarranted, discourteous, disrespectful’ and said brought ‘significant disrepute’ on the department.

And Payne’s supervisor, Lt James Tracy, has been demoted to officer:

Tracy made an impulsive decision in ordering Payne to arrest Wubbels without first taking time to understand the facts of the situation and the law, Chief Brown wrote in his disciplinary letter.

He said the order created chaos and unnecessarily escalated the situation.

‘Your lack of judgment and leadership in this matter is unacceptable, and as a result, I no longer believe that you can retain a leadership position in the department,’ Brown said.

What’s Living Longer, or Even Forever, Going to Be Like?

With the advancements longevity scientists are working on, and likely to make significant breakthroughs in the near future, the prospect of living longer, or even forever, is in the cards.

But here’s the thing:

There’s just one problem: More life doesn’t necessarily mean a better life. At a certain point, parts of the body stop working properly, making it difficult to enjoy the time you’ve got. Medical conditions like Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and arthritis can make the final years of one’s life an exercise in suffering. Living for 1,000 years isn’t much of a boon if only the first 80 — or even the first 900 — are physically pleasant.

But then again:

Luckily, there are also scientists working to extend the amount of time during which a person is healthy. Some interventions seem more realistic or pragmatic than others, but it’s becoming clear that getting sick with age is anything but inevitable. These approaches might even change the way we think about the very concept of getting old.

So, if you had the option to live a lot longer, or even forever, would you go for it? Or would you turn it down, based on the prospect of eventually suffering intolerable existential fatigue?

Resurgent Wild Turkeys Running Amok in Human Neighborhoods

Although “considered a major success story for wildlife restoration” by conservationists, a lot of people aren’t exactly jumping for joy over the return of the game birds.

Wild turkeys that were practically wiped out from New England in the 1800s have stormed back with a vengeance — with the emphasis being on VENGEANCE.

Reportedly, the birds have become rampant “in Boston and its suburbs over the past three years,” destroying gardens, damaging cars, chasing pets and attacking people.

“Boston city officials say they received at least 60 complaints last year, a threefold increase over the year before. Nearby Somerville, Belmont and Brookline have seen similar upticks, combining for a total of 137 turkey gripes since the start of last year.”

There’s a moral in this story, but I’m not going to stick my neck out on the chopping block, by articulating it here.

They Should Throw the Book at Her

According to a report in The Smoking Gun, “A woman is facing a felony animal abuse charge after she was recorded kicking and stomping her small dog inside an elevator at a Florida condominium.”

“Police allege that Keevonna C’Ante Wilson, 24, attacked the dog late last month in Aventura, a city 20 miles north of Miami.” The woman was recorded venting her spleen on the unfortunate animal “by a surveillance camera inside an elevator at the luxury Artech condominium.” Police later arrested Wilson, and the dog removed from her custody “by Miami-Dade Animal Services, which provided medical care to the canine.”

So, apparently, the dog was hurt so bad it had to be given medical care!

Wilson was “charged with felony animal cruelty” and “released from custody after posting $5000 bond,”

Know what? They should throw the book at her!

Eyes Can Change Color Completely, Over Time

The experts say “eye color fully matures in infancy and remains the same for life,” although conceding that “in a small percentage of adults, eye color can naturally become either noticeably darker or lighter with age.

I beg to differ. The color of a person’s eyes can indeed change over time to more than just a lighter or darker shade of the same color.

I know that for a fact because my own eyes changed color completely over time — not once, but twice.

My father was a Louisiana Cajun of predominantly French and Irish descent. He had black eyes. My mother was of French, Dutch and Irish descent. She had blue eyes.

I had hazel eyes as a small boy, and they turned green in my teens and blue in my forties.

How about that?